Sorry About Your Head

By Dave Fox
Seattle, Washington

…And the Headline of the Day Award goes to… [drum roll please….]

Suspect Apologizes for Beheadings

From the Associated Press:

JAKARTA, Indonesia — A suspected Islamic militant told judges Wednesday he took part in the beheadings of three Christian girls on an Indonesian island wracked by religious violence to avenge the deaths of Muslims, but apologized to their families.

“We are not cold-blooded killers,” Hasanuddin, 34, told the Central Jakarta District Court. “We just wanted revenge.”

“… I mean, come on, your honor. You know how it is. Someone pisses you off. You want to get back at them. We were going to toilet paper their house, or egg their cars, but then I found this totally bitchin’ machete and….”

Published on Friday, November 17, 2006

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