Stuff I Haven’t Had Time to Blog About Lately

By Dave Fox
Drøbak, Norway

Vietnamese fishermen came to our rescue after our boat lost power in the Mekong River.

Here’s the short list of things I haven’t had time to blog about lately:

  • Getting shipwrecked in the Mekong Delta
  • Getting subsequently stranded in the Vietnamese jungle as a result of the aforementioned shipwreck.
  • My massage in Vietnam from a blind guy who didn’t speak a word of English… and why it’s okay to pay double the going rate for a one-hour massage when the usual price is two dollars.
  • Why crossing 19 of the world’s time zones in less than four weeks makes you crazy.
  • My new book about travel journaling, and a special pre-publication sale.
  • Freaks who send me hate mail, and why they make me laugh.
  • Biting into a piece of copper wire in my pizza at California Pizza Kitchen, and the irate guy who e-mailed me a photo of his half-eaten McDonald’s cheeseburger, which also had a piece of wire in it. (Dude… sending photographs of your partially gobbled meals to people you don’t even know is strange and gross!)
  • Shaving my head and getting repeatedly carded now that my natural bald spot is invisible.
  • And a long list of rants about America’s screwed-up election process

Norwegians celebrate the drafting of their constitution on "Syttende Mai, the 17th of May.

I promise to maybe write about some of these things sometime. Soon perhaps. But wow… life has been moving FAST lately! There’s been little time for blogging, and I am now finding myself sitting in Norway… about to start my first of five tours this season in Stockholm on Sunday.

Tomorrow is Constitution Day here in Norway. I will be doing very Norwegian things such as watching parades and drinking more akvavit than I probably should the day before my first tour of the season. I’m in Europe for the next seven weeks. My summer travel schedule is online here… in case you have the urge to stalk me as I slowly meander down the continent. Stay tuned for the usual travel blogging mayhem – and perhaps a story or three from the above list as time permits.

Published on Saturday, May 17, 2008

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