Super-Cool Globejotting Survey Results!

What’s Next from Dave… and More Importantly, Who Won the Free Book Giveaway?

By Dave Fox

In an independent study, 79 percent of all chipmunks surveyed said is their preferred website for travel information and procrastinational pleasures. (Photo: Lee Coursey.)

Dear People!

(And Chipmunks!)


The results of the first ever Globejotting survey are in, and they are a roaring success!

I know, I know… you are thinking, “Dave, it’s just a survey. How can a survey be a roaring success? Did someone love it so much, they sent you 178 drachmas and a pizza?”

Well, no. It was not that roaring. However, nobody insulted me or toilet-papered my living room. Avoiding such conflicts was my primary goal; therefore, I consider the results roaring.

Fifty-three people responded, and 49 of them entered the drawing to win free copies of my books. We will get to the winner shortly, but first, here are a few of the roaring results:


Where did you first hear about
Zero people (zero!) said they first heard about Globejotting on Twitter or Facebook. Either social media isn’t what it’s cracked up to be, or my 1,742 Twitter followers are too busy trying to describe their own lives in 140 characters to take dumb surveys.

One respondent said she learned about the website from a cow herder. Another first learned about the site at a bar. What this shows is my marketing efforts would be better spent stepping away from my Twitter feed, and spending more time drinking and mooing.


If Dave were to create new products, which of the following would you consider purchasing or participating in?
The list of options for this question included new books, more online writing classes and critique groups, video “webinars,” podcasts, tours, and a new line of satin thong underwear with the Globejotting logo.

New books was by far the most popular answer. I am flattered by the massive outcry. (“Massive” being defined here as a significant majority of of the 53 people who answered my weird survey.)

Writing new books is a tricky career choice. To put things in perspective, I wrote a 1,500-word magazine article last week that will earn me about the same amount as my book royalties for this entire year. Alas, economic realities sometimes steer me away from writing the books I would love to write, and into projects that enable me to enjoy luxuries such as food and electricity. That said, I’m going to stick my neck out and make this exciting but vague announcement: More books are coming.

I have several ideas in mind for travel books, humor books, books about writing, books about psychology, and even (big confession here) a comedic ghost story travel novel. My next step is picking one and forgetting about all of the others until the first one is done. When will this book be available? Most likely sometime between 2013 and 2027 – sooner if you (1) keep nagging me, and (2) keep spreading the word about my current offerings to everyone you know.

Botswana, 2010: Hanging out with new friends in the Kalahari Desert.

Many people expressed interest in travel writing tours. I led two such tours in 2010 – one in Botswana, one in Vietnam. I’ve taken a break from tour guiding this past year, but would love to wrangle a group of fun and flexible travelers together for something new. Marketing these trips is a monster effort, however. So if you’re interested, please let me know where and when you’d like to go. And if you can organize a small group of friends, we can custom fit the dates and locations to your preferred schedule!

Online writing workshops: I’m bouncing around some fun new ideas to help you both improve your writing and have ongoing interactions with a community of super-cool Globejotters. Details are coming soon!

Finally, I should note that 47.9 percent of survey respondents checked “not interested” for the Globejotting satin thong. I find this statistic exciting because it means more than half of you are at least a little curious. Furthermore, 27.1 percent of respondents checked that they were “totally enthralled” by the idea. It makes me feel good having such a sexy group of readers. After my novel is published, I will give more serious thought to this new product line.


Of the products you have purchased, how satisfied have you been?
A couple of comments I shall respond to:

“I want to buy “Loster” in print!!”

“Loster” is a short e-book of travel humor tales cut from the second edition of “Getting Lost.”

You can buy Loster in print! Sort of. The first edition of my travel humor book, “Getting Lost,” was self-published in 2004. Two years later, when I signed a deal with Inkwater Press, roughly a dozen short chapters were cut from the second edition – not because they were bad (they include some of my favorite stories) but because they had a different tone from the rest of the book.

The “Loster” short e-book contains all of the stories cut from the second edition, plus the original kidnapped-by-space-aliens ending. If you’d like these stories in a traditional paperback rather than a cheap Kindle download, a few copies of the self-edited and self-published first paperback edition of “Getting Lost” are still available here.

“Love the practicalities – exercises in “Globejotting.” I have given this book as a present to many of my travel friends. I am wildly satisfied with this book – but want more!!!!”

And I am wildly satisfied with you as a reader! You rock!

Thank you for buying multiple copies. If all of my readers would do this, I would be writing more books. Yes, this is a cheap ploy to guilt everybody else into buying more copies. It probably will not work since I have just announced I might start working on a new book anyway. But thank you for your enthusiasm. Comments like this actually do motivate me to write more.

“I hope my local library will have some of these books soon!”

Me too! Have you suggested they order a copy?


Spanish air mail stamp (Photo: flickr/gonmi)

Where do you live? And are there any other comments you’d like to share?
People wrote in from 16 US states and Washington DC, three Canadian provinces, England, Spain, China, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Australia, and Mexico. One lucky respondent was selected at random to receive a collection of all of my books in either paperback or Kindle format.

And the winner is…  Angela in Gisborne, New Zealand!  Congratulations, Angela! Your books will be on the way shortly!


Thanks to everyone who took part in this survey. If you didn’t, but would like to, you still can!

Typing with your head can get messy. (Photo: Mikhail Kryshen)

I am extremely grateful to all of you who offered your thoughts. I feel wildly fortunate to have a career that lets me have cool adventures, write about them, and help others do the same. But that’s the public part of what I do. I also spend countless hours toiling over dismal rough drafts and banging my head on my computer keyboard (which partially explains why my rough drafts are n[u i[q34otivqv[3çqc’pog5 so dismal.)

I spend many more hours mulling over how to best spend my working hours. Those decisions can be tough. Sitting alone in my messy home-office, it’s hard sometimes to gauge which projects will fly and which ones will flop. Being a self-employed writer is scary sometimes. Your feedback makes those decisions easier.

So what’s next? Coming in 2013, stay tuned for a new kind of interactive, online writing workshop; possibly a new book in the works; hopefully a new podcast; new opportunities for you to interact with the growing, international Globejotting community; and a couple of other surprises.

My next trip: Kattina and I are off to Myanmar next weekend. Due to the country’s Internet infrastructure and other issues, I don’t plan to upload tales while traveling. will feature new articles on other topics while I’m away, however, with Burmese adventures coming once I’m home in early November.

Thanks again to all who offered feedback! There were oodles of ridiculous comments — too many to list here, but I shall perhaps splash a few into another blog post later this week. Some of my readers are insane, and I love them for that.

Hugs from Singapore (thongs not included),

Published on Sunday, October 14, 2012

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