Travel Journaling Exercise: Post-Journaling

By Dave Fox

It’s never too late to write a travel journal. If you haven’t journaled about your past travels as thoroughly as you would have liked, and you’re wishing now that you had, now is the time!

“Post-Journaling” is writing about your trip after it’s over. For starters, I recommend reading the section on Speed Journaling if you haven’t already. Speed journaling is an especially productive technique when writing about past travels. Details we remember tend to trigger other memories that are squished down deeper in our subconscious mind.

Post-Journaling can be a lot of fun because it takes us back to places we’ve been. We relive those memories more deeply. A big advantage of post-journaling, as opposed to journaling while we are traveling, is that we don’t feel the same time pressure to get everything down on paper before we have new experiences. We can write about our past travels at our leisure.

Choose a place you have already visited that you have never journaled about before. It can be a faraway place you have only been to once, or some place closer to home that you’ve been many times. Speed journal about that place for 10 minutes or more. You will likely be surprised by the memories that come back to you once you get started.

Once you have speed journaled, you can then slow down and write at a more leisurely pace, filling in details and honing your prose into a well-written essay.

Published on Friday, January 2, 2004

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