Travel Journaling Exercise: Retire Your Inner Censor – Part Two

Write a Letter to Your Inner Censor

 By Dave Fox

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Your Inner Censor has been with you for a long time now — probably as long as you can remember. All these years, he or she has been working hard to protect you from your thoughts. Too hard. He’s getting in your way

Write a letter to your Inner Censor. Explain why you need to go against his or her wishes. Explain why it’s time for him to retire.

As you write your letter, keep in mind that although your Inner Censor might seem irritating or in the way at times, he means well. He has struggled all these years to “protect” you. It’s just that he’s not efficient.

If you’re angry at your Inner Censor, it’s okay to express that. If you want to thank your Inner Censor for his hard work, that’s great. Maybe you feel sad that it’s time for him to go. He’s been a big part of you all these years. Whatever you feel a need to express or explain, be honest. Don’t let your Inner Censor censor your letter!

Whatever tone you take, conclude your letter firmly. Explain to your Inner Censor that it’s time for him or her to go.

When you’re finished writing your letter, move on to part 3 of this exercise.

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Published on Friday, January 2, 2004

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