Video: The Phuket Thailand Disco Tuktuk

By Dave Fox
Phuket, Thailand

phuket-thailand-disco-tuktukI’ve taken some crazy forms of public transportation since moving to Southeast Asia a couple of years ago, but this one rocks… literally. Welcome to the Phuket, Thailand, disco tuktuk!

Tuktuks are found in many Southeast Asian countries. Usually, they look a little bit like the love child of a pickup truck and a tricycle. In Phuket, they’re sturdier — often with four wheels instead of three — and many of them are vehicles in which, after a crazy night out on the town, you can continue your party on the journey home.

I shot this wobbly, noisy video at the end of an excursion into Patong, the town at the heart of Phuket’s party scene, on a ride back to a quieter spot on the south end of the island where I was slumbering.

Published on Sunday, November 10, 2013

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