Windstorm Mania and Live Team Megacoverage!

By Dave Fox
Seattle, Washington 

Seattle is being whacked by its second big windstorm in two days. Team Coverage is in full effect on every news channel, along with Supercalifragalistic Quintuple-Doppler Mega-Radar. And dramatic weather music!

All the local TV channels are giving advice to the thousands of people who have lost power. Never mind that it’s difficult to watch television without electricity. I was especially perplexed by this comment from a KOMO television news anchor Monday night:

“So many people are sitting in the dark tonight, cleaning up from round one.”

Can somebody please explain how this is possible? I would like to sit in the dark while I clean my condo. If I can take a nap, even better.


[Photo: Chas Redmond]

Published on Tuesday, November 17, 2009

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