Stupid Sinks, Air-Raged Ranting

By Dave Fox
Somewhere Over the Atlantic Ocean

You know what annoys me? I mean really annoys me – even more than war, famine, pestilence, and Sanjaya?

What annoys me even more than all of those things is airplane lavatory sinks.

I have written about this before. My dedicated readers are probably yawning, saying, “Stupid reruns!” Sorry. But there are things in the world I just can’t get over no matter how hard I try. And airplane lavatory sinks are one of those things.

Why don’t they drain properly? You have to use the plunger thingy to drain them. Their default is to fill up with water. What’s with that?

The only time I fill my bathroom sink with water at home is to wash some delecate article of clothing. Do airlines think people are going to go into the lavatories to wash out their skimpy underwear? Rinse out their leopard-print thongs and hang them to dry from the overhead bins?


Another thing I hate is the word “lavatory.” Does the fact that it’s on an airplane make it special? Why can’t they just call it a bathroom?

Published on Friday, May 11, 2007

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